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White River Health District

...Board Member Application...

The White River Health District will have 4 Board positions up for election in May 2023 (Position #'s 1, 2, 4, 5).
We are seeking an engaged individual who will support the mission and vision of the WRHD and who will contribute in positive and constructive ways. The Board of Directors has many responsibilities associated with District oversight, including fiduciary
responsibility, responsibility for district policies and procedures, and authority to enter into contracts to conduct district or clinic business.
~ ALSO ~
...Seeking Budget Committee Members...

Health Districts are exempt and not required to follow local budget law protocols; however, the White River Health District wants total transparency with South Wasco County residents, so we are looking to recruit the following for our budget committee.

  • 1-2 Members from local business

  • 1-2 Members at large (Community members)

  • 1-2 Clinic or Dental patients

  • 1-2 members from collaborative partners

Budget Meetings for 2023 will be held during the May 25th and June 27th regular Board Meetings. 

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